About us

(1). Nigeria Metro / www.nigeriametro.com is a company of SOFFISTIC INTERNATIONAL LTD., Registered and trading in Ireland as Nigeria Metro Publications. It's all about doing business in Nigeria and with Nigeria.
a. With nearly 30 million unemployed or underemployed university graduates in Nigeria, and government doing what it knows best to make things work with little or no significant results, Nigeria Metro Publications was established to help the country and people look outside the box by structuring out useful commercial roadmaps focusing on self-employment, industrialisation partnership, encouraging general modern-practice of international trade, gaining trust ethos and ethics of commerce, while promoting global business connections and protection of environmental values.
b. At Nigeria Metro, we maintain the obvious and straightforward facts that no government creates jobs well, not for 23 million energetic youths who otherwise are made redundant. What progressive governments create are employers through foreign investors. Nigeria is naturally blessed with everything available in excess. With freely available mineral resources like crude oil, natural gas, gold, diamond, copper and many more to agricultural products like cocoa, cashew, groundnut millions of hectares of arable land and having one of the best tropical climatic conditions in the world, Nigeria's international trade balance should be in surplus and not in deficit with a foreign debt of over $30 trillion as at the second quarte of 2021. Something obviously is wrong somewhere:
2. But we can always put the wrongs right with our Nigeria Metro:a. Regular online publication of educative Financial, Business and Economic newsb. Business initiative guidelines focusing on Business Registration,c. Business Location / Website Creation and Managementd. What to sell and sourcing international buyers and supplierse. International Trade Guidelines on / Import and Export / Customs and Excisef. Advice on What to Sell - What to Buy - How to Source buyers and suppliers locally and globallyg. How to verify businesses globally for safe online trading and money transactionh. Sending or Receiving International Payments - Foreign Exchange Methods and Online Payment Processi. Guidelines on how to secure business loans and other financial supports provided by Nigerian government.j. And if you are not trading but simply wan to secure a job with international employers - We have an International Job Search App for that too.
a. Financial / Business / Economic News Publications including Stock Market and Foreign Exchange updates.(i) According to the World Bank estimates for personal remittances, – $539 million (about €490 million) was sentfrom Ireland to Nigeria in 2018 alone. The figure is higher in the UK and other European countries andincreases year by year.(ii) The information published in this section target over 15 million Nigerians in diaspora who regularly search forcurrency exchange rates, stock market and cryptocurrency news.(iii) Thousands of importers and sourcing managers who import from Nigeria. And millions of foreign suppliers whoexported $53 billion worth of goods into Nigeria in 2020
b. Business startup and global connection consulting services. These operations include but not limited to:(i) Business Registration service(ii) Brand and Trademark protection(iii) Provision of premium domain names(iv) Website design, development and maintenance with provision of effective cybersecurity(v) General B2B e-commerce marketplace business connection with international suppliers(vi) Products Marketing and Promotion through a wide range of Advertising Media Mechanisms.. c. Commercial (vii) Profiling and Sustainability
c. BUY FROM NIGERIA Global Marketplace Initiative - In connection with our Global Marketplace Initiative is an e-commerce platform which allows international buyers to connect, search current official prices and tradesafely with registered and verified suppliers of solid minerals and other agricultural products from Nigeria.
d. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS VERIFICATION SERVICE: This KYC service operates essentially in support ofregistered buyers and sellers for the purpose of promoting transparency, reliability, and safety while conductingbusiness transactions on the world wide web.
e. INTERNATIONAL JOB SEARCH RESOURCES: Search links for Job-Seekers who would like to work orvolunteer abroad for internationally recognised organisations. From time to time, organisations with worldwideemployment network capacity advertise job vacancies to fill regional positions in various parts of the globe.Such organisations include but not limited to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O), United Nations (UN),Airlines and Social Media Organisations.(i) NOTE THAT we do not operate as employment agency or middlemen or representative for any job advertisingorganisation. We only publish and promote specific job vacancies for easy and direct job-search link to helpJob Seekers in deprived areas globally.
a. Publishing - Advertising and Marketing - Taking into consideration - political factors, government policies, climate change, unforeseeable circumstances and other crucial elements including the recent Covid-19 pandemic determining the economics of profit and loss in the global market we mitigate these factors by empowering businesses, individual investors, buying and selling companies, advertisers, sourcing managers, with necessary proactive and pragmatic information required for a successful marketing operations through our NIGERIA METRO.COM online publications. In practice, we often conduct an intense intelligent research with our information gathering network and facts collation system, to ensure that our clients are fully informed with up to date useful and effective bilateral business news.

b. Trades Manager -With our “Trades Manager” Data Engine and Media Intelligence Solutions (DEMIS), we provide our clients with effective legal analysis and bespoke advice on global marketing requirements ranging from import and export documentation, VAT - Customs Duty - importable / exportable products - investible merchandise - legal, illegal and controlled merchandise based on customs regulation of individual countries and government papers.
c. Brands and Intellectual Property Rights Protection: When necessary and if legally permissible, we can help importers, exporters and government agencies identify with legally profiled proofs of what represent genuine goods, fake goods and replicas licensed by the brand ownership.

d. Accurate Product Description: As many foreign manufacturers do not use English as first language - it often presents difficulty for buyers and end-users to correctly follow the manufacturer's description on the package and the leaflet. Our Trades Manager supports manufacturers in writing out simplified products description which is communicable and understood by everyone and helps enhance profitability.
.Updated 21/08/2021FOR ANY INFORMATION: Email Trades Manager - Email: tradesmanager@nigeriametro.com